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Vin Number Search

Did you know that the Vin Number on you car or truck is more than just a bunch of characters used to identify you vehicle. Your vin number is 17 digits made up of letters and numbers that are unique to the car that you have or are considering purchasing. By doing a vin number lookup you can trace the vehicle back to where and when it was manufactured and a lot more important information.

Li cas los saib seb puas muaj ib tug xov tooj VinYour vin number on your car is like a finger print to humans, no two cars have the same one. You may be surprised to find out that even though your car is here in the United States it may have been made in Mexico, Canada or maybe even shipped all the way from Japan, Germany, Korea or many other countries from around the world.


When you run a vin number (also know as an auto history report) the provider you are using will actually decode the vin number and tell you where the car was built, who the manufacturer is, whether or not it has manual or power windows and locks, engine size and what type of transmission. Also, when you run a vin number lookup you can also find out more information such as odometer readings between owners, whether or not the car has ever been stolen, if the vehicle has ever been in a flood and suffered damage, and if there are any current recalls related to that specific vehicle. You can even find out if there is a lien on the car, if it has ever been repossessed, or if it has ever been a total loss by an insurance company.

Check My Vin Number

So now you may be asking yourselfhow do I check my vin number”? Fortunately with the internet, it is fairly easy. The first step is to get the vin number of the vehicle. All cars and trucks have the vin imprinted on a small piece of metal on the dash on the drivers side that you can see by looking through the front of the windshield. In addition, some manufacturers also put the vin number on the inside of doors, under the hood and sometimes also on the deck lid or trunk. An important note: you may notice on a couple of panels that the vin numbers are not the same. This does not necessarily mean that the vehicle is stolen. It may have been in an accident and the insurance company only allowed for used parts to be placed on the car instead of brand new ones. Txawm li cas los, if you do come across a vehicle and it has all different vin numbers on all panels, your best bet is to stay away from that particular vehicle.Check Vin Number

Next it is as simple as going to your computer and going online. There are many reputable companies that offer a vehicle vin check. Find a vin number check service that youtrust or your friends recommend and simply enter the vin number into the appropriate box, it’s that easy. The absolutely free VIN checks are usually vin decoders providing you information about the vehicle and equipment it came with from the manufacturer.

If you do a free vin number search which will show you the year, make and model and engine and other vital information, you can continue with a full vehicle history report which will reveal serious mechanical issues, odometer problems, if the car has been in an accident and so forth.

By checking the vin number, it can save you a lot of time, headaches and grief. People will not always tell the truth when it comes to selling their used car. By doing a vin number check, it can make all the difference in the world between having a car that will serve you well, or having a car that costs you a small fortune and that you wish you could get rid of.

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