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Vin Audit /Reverse Vin Check/Vin Alert

Hello everyone, Ken here, and I have been in the auto body business for over 20 years, and have had a mechanical shop for the past 15. One service that we provide for our customers is to check out a used car before they purchase it. Many times we have been able to tell that the vehicle was previously in an accident with just a quick look vehicle history reports

We since have started recommending that people go ahead and purchase a vehicle history report to get some information on a vehicle before they bring it to us. This way they can save themselves some money and time if the report indicates that the vehicle has been in a bad accident, or mechanical issues.

We have put together some reviews on the different vin number check companies that we like. Not all vehicle history reports are created equal, and some companies are better for different people in different circumstances.


Top Car History Reports And Vin Number Lookup Reviews –


Vin Audit – Our Favorite!

Great report for doing just ONE vehicle. They do reports on all vehicles such as cars and trucks, mortorcycles, and RV’s. The cost is only $9.99, so versus the competition this can be a huge savings compared to the $35. Gives important information such as title problems, possible odometer tampering, vehicle information, collision checks along with junk, salvage and insurance checks.



Reverse Vin Check  –  Watch My Review Here

This is probably the best option for someone searching to buy a used car or truck that wants to run an unlimited number of vin numbers on multiple cars. The cost is $29.95 which is $25 cheaper than the competition for the same service and you can run as many vin numbers as you want. The only draw back is that you have access to the site for only 30 days. The provided report gives information on reported accidents, frame or unibody damage, mileage rollback, salvaged vehicle (rebuilt), flood damage, if the vehicle was a fleet or rental car, and service records from dealerships. They also run vin checks for motorcycles and RV’s.



Vin Alert

This is another good source. We like this one because you can order just one vin check for $9.99 OR if you are on a tight budget and are looking at just a few vehicles you can get 10 vin number lookups for just $16 and you can use them anytime, they do not expire in 30 days. This service will provide the same information as the top 2 and also lemon check and undisclosed liens.

Sell your car in seconds.


When you are buying a pre-owned car from an individual or from a dealership, a record of vehicle history is a valuable document that helps you make sure that the vehicle you are purchasing is not a lemon and that it will not be plagued with problems in the future.

In the past there was no way to check a vehicles history, and you could only base your purchase on what you could see as far as how the vehicle was maintained and how it looked. However, with the internet, now you can easily go online and check a vehicles history record.

There are several companies on the internet that provide these services. But which one do you choose from? How much these reports costs does vary from provider to provider, but give you basically the same information. Fees can be from anywhere between $15 and $40. These companies gather information from the automobile’s insurance coverage, police reports and the Department of Motor Vehicles and other sources.

cheap vin checkThere really is no downside to purchasing a vin check, except for the cost, so it really is a good idea. A cheap vin check is a great tool when negotiating the price of the car you are thinking of buying because it may uncover some minor problems, giving you leverage in negotiating the price. If the record shows major issues you can then walk away knowing that you just saved yourself a bunch of headaches.

This information will also help you determine if the vehicle you are considering purchasing is really worth it or not and if it could be a money pit in the future.

Buying a second hand car is usually a smart choice since they are a lot more affordable and someone else has taken the hit on the purchase price and lost money once the car is driven off the lot, but you need to protect yourself and your investment by getting a vin check.

Also this information will help you determine if the vehicle is flood damaged or not. Some flood damaged cars are cleaned up and made spic and span to look new again and put back on the market. By purchasing a cheap vin check from Vin Audit, they will help you determine if the vehicle has been reported flood damaged or not.

The report will also help you in determining if the vehicle has been stolen or not. Thieves will often tamper or change the vin number of stolen vehicles to help give it a clean title so they can turn around and sell it under the name of someone else.

All in all, getting a cheap vin check is really cheap insurance to make sure you are getting a quality vehicle and one that will hopefully give you many years of trouble free service.

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